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Your go-to Lock Specialists in Gananoque

We promise quick and efficient locking services for both your home and office.

Treaty Marshal Service Inc Offers Expert Locking Systems in Gananoque

For the smooth functioning of any home or workplace, security is key. Even the smallest issue around a lock is a big risk, and remedying the situation can take up a huge amount of time. But look no further. At Treaty Marshal Service Inc, our team of highly competent professionals is here to assist you in every situation, from lockouts to break-ins to locking system errors. We also help secure you from future exigencies with our locking products that are as tough as they are smart. Our services are designed for both residential and business properties.

man pulling a key from a door lock

At Your Service

Our locking solutions have you covered:

Emergency lockout service

Commercial locks and safes

Safes for residential spaces

Automotive locksmith service

A Safe is Always a Good Idea

If you’re thinking of buying a safe or lockbox, we offer a wide range including Fire Department lockboxes. You can also count on us for timely response in safe and lockbox services. Just request a quote.

view of a safe
person fixing a door lock

Need a Locksmith?

Our trusted, skilled locksmiths help you with master keying, re-coding locks, jammed locks, replacing damaged locks and keys, and more.

Automotive Locksmith

Got locked out of your car in Gananoque? Consider your problem solved with our reliable automotive locksmith services. If you have lost your keys, we can create new ones and we clone keys too. We specialize in older vehicles and our services include automotive, power sports, boats, motorcycles, duplicating keys, rekeying locks as well as servicing and repair of locks. Contact us for assistance.

Automotive locksmith service

Locked Out?

Broken locks and lost keys are a pain. Let us help you.

Stay Safe with our Services

Installing and repairing locking systems is our specialty, and we offer the latest technology too.

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